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LON DALI-Gateway

REG 4x16 DIM
• four DALI outputs to control up to 64 DALI devices for each output, devided into sixteen groups • EIA-232 interface for device configuration • TP/FT-10 transceiver and Ethernet socket • addressing of the DALI devices with LNS plug-in • status monitoring of all connected DALI devices • monitoring of all lamps (if DALI compatible) • status LEDs for diagnostics and status indication • manual operation for direct control of DALI devices • pluggable screw-type terminals • supply voltage: DC 24 V • DIN rail mounting according to EN 50 022 • width of device: approx. 157 mm (7 pitch) • software application for control of the DALI devices, including timers, prioritised control and configurable reaction to power-down/powerup/ bus reset. Furthermore, the application provides constant light and scene control according to LonMark profile “Lamp Actuator (3040)”, “Constant Light Controller (3050)” and scene control in the DALI devices A power supply for the DALI gateway and the DALI devices (art. no. 11037-339) has to be ordered separately if required.

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LON DALI-Gateway SVE-36236-332 13534 Kr

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